Angles and Demons

As you grow upp the world is often drawn up to be black and white. Not so much gray scales. should this be though at an early stage or when is it preferable to implement in once life.

One stereotype, is the one of angles and demons.

But if you come to think of it there must be gray scales. Places where one creature such as an angle have to make a decision. A decision upon where it have to rule in someones favour.

For an angle not to be considerate. It have to feel anger, pain, remorse, hate, love, compassion, fear, envy, powerlessness and much much more. or else it would not be more than a program made to do one thing. An empty shell to rule out a command. No compassion. Only action. A path to its purpose. Either good or bad.

#Angle #demon #good #bad #hate #love #grayscale #decision

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