Lonely Confused and Scared

A text about loneliness. Projects. Purpose and meaning. Lack of focus.

Lonely, as in alone ~ nothing is worth more than rubble. It 's just me. Just my opinion, guesswork.

Confused , because I have so many projects started . Or so many projects at a standstill if you like. Confused because ones plans are torn away and the goals and the weight you added in the coming plans meant something more than ones own value

Scared because . Total solitude is something I never want to go back to. Because I justify my joy on those I have around me. The values ​​that I saw in myself, does not matter, if there is no confirmation. It would have been selfish and disgusting. Context can not be achieved by yourself.


#Loneliness #focus #meaning #purpose #projects #project #miiomara

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